Sales Prospecting Techniques That Will Save You Time and Energy

Remember to first cast your net wide when it comes to creating a list of prospects. And don’t make too many assumptions about whether they could be a client or not.

All too often, we find that salespeople make an assumption about a company that is a prime prospect but for some reason or another, the salesperson decides not to go after them as a prospect.

Here’s where research comes in – and the best research is getting on the phone to call the prospective company to start fishing around to test whether or not they are a qualified prospect.

But before you get on the phone, read the sales prospecting techniques in this site and do your research. Use the Internet to visit the company’s Web site. Make sure you know something about the company before calling them.

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Your goal is to find out as much as possible about the company before you call into it so that you can focus your questions appropriately. You might only get a certain amount of time on the phone to ask qualifying questions, so make sure you know all the basics first by doing your research before you make the call.

Beyond the company’s Web site, also search for news stories about the company.

Use search engines like:

Check several sources for news stories and other information that can help you impress your prospects when you contact them later.

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