When approaching a potential prospect, here are some more tactics that you should think about when it comes to sales prospecting techniques.

It is vital to know the types of questions to ask. There are questions that can be answered with one word or brief phrases and that will most likely lead the prospect to feel uncomfortable, lose interest in the conversation and want to leave or hang up on you.

Obviously avoid questions that can be answered with a simple phrase or a “yes” or “no”. Instead try questions that start with:

“What is…”

“How can I/we/you…”

“What do you thing about…”

“Why is that important to you…” or

“How do you feel about…”

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Use the journalistic approach that will guarantee that you will get as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time and will keep your prospect engaged and interested.

The rule of thumb technique is to use the following words as question openers:







Even if the answers to those questions are short, they are loaded with valuable information and may lead to other important leads.

Try to avoid playing cop. This is not an interrogation but rather a civilized conversation. Keep it cordial.

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