How to I get past the gatekeeper to the decision-maker?

Questions about sales prospecting techniques to overcome these barriers keep coming up in all of the Sales Career Training Institute’s surveys.

Some people screen their calls through individuals like assistants and receptionists. You may have to deal with these people a few times before you are finally granted access to your prospect.

They key is to get the gatekeeper comfortable with you. You must build rapport with them quickly. For more information, check out the Rapport Building section of this Sales Prospecting Techniques section and the various sections of FEAR Selling that address emotional selling and rapport-building.

If you are doing cold calling, contact the receptionist and ask her for the name of the person in charge of making decisions for your niche product. Receptionists are ready, available and will respond well if approached cordially and professionally.

Make sure you are as cordial and thankful towards these people as with your prospects. Since these employees often decide who sees their boss and who doesn’t, they will be instrumental in getting you through a tough prospect faster, easier and smoother.

Whenever possible call early, at the very beginning of the day. Assistants and receptionists are often at work before their bosses and even before anybody else. Without too many interruptions, they can give you a little bit more of their time and even answer questions that could expedite matters with your prospect.

The same technique works at the end of the working day. Many of these employees are done or almost done with the bulk of their work close to the end of the day but they may still be in the office finalizing paperwork. This is your time to tackle them and use their available time to your advantage.

Don’t forget assistants and receptionists when preparing thank-you notes. They may be as helpful or perhaps more than your prospect and deserve to be acknowledged. Your sales prospeting techniques must include sending a quick note, via email or mail and, if this is not possible, call and let them know.

Always remember that you are building a long-term relationship with these individuals. Your actions today can give you more leads, prospects and clients down the road.

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