If you read the section on Top 10 Sales Objections that you might hear, you'll realize that most sales objections are a defense mechanism used by your prospect to ease their own discomfort.

If your experience is anything like most salespeople who participate in our studies, prospects just want to suck information out of you as easily and quickly as possible - usually by just getting you to send them your sales collaterals - and then get you out the door or off the phone so that you they can get back to their busy day.

You must not fall into this trap or you'll simply be wasting time sending out sales materials into a black hole and never hearing from these prospects again.

Are you constantly running into sales objections and don’t know how to use prospect resistance to help you sell more and sell faster?

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Before You Get To Yes, You Must Get To The Real Sales Objections

Of course, your number one goal is to get the sale as quickly as possible. But in order to do that you must use find the prospects' real sales objections first.

Think of objections as bombs that could explode in your face.

Your job as a salesperson is to qualify your prospects by finding those bombs fast and disarming them.

Otherwise, you will spend lots of time thinking that you're going to get the sale and gladly calling back your prospects or visiting with them again and again, only to discover that one of those bombs that you didn't uncover blows up in your face at the final presentation.

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Ask And It Shall Be Given

As you already know, if you've read the prospecting section, you must use questions to qualify your prospects as you get to know them.

And sorry to say, there are dumb questions and there are smart questions that you could be asking.

If you ask dumb questions, you lose credibility and most likely, you lose the sale as well.

If you ask smart questions, you build rapport, get your prospects emotionally involved in the sales process, and uncover those deadly objections sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, we have found that most salespeople do not ask enough questions - and those that do ask questions, usually aren't asking the right ones.

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