You will find more detailed and advanced tips and techniques for overcoming sales objections in the book, FEAR Selling, but for now...

Here's the basic 8-step process for overcoming objections:

1) Identify as many sales objections as possible early on.

You must know what you're enemy before you can confront your enemy so try to find out what you're up against as early as possible. Ask customers to critique your product - and even your presentation. Do the same of colleagues, your sales manager and even friends and family to get an objective opinion. Ask them what makes them uncomfortable with your presentation. What makes it sound too "salesy".

2) Keep a record of all sales objections.

Write down the sales objections as well as your notes on what those who critiqued you said about your presentation. This could be difficult because your ego is at steak - but remember, you're in this game to sell, not to protect your ego.
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3) Write out scripts to answer these objections.

Make sure you not only respond, but try to list follow-up questions that you can ask the prospect after giving your response. This way, you will engage the prospect in a conversation rather than just being on the receiving-end of a volley of questions. Remember, you want it to be as much like a friendly conversation as possible, not an interrogation where you are under the bright light and answering all the tough questions.

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4) Practice the responses to the sales objections.

Don't stop at just writing down the answers and reviewing them once in awhile. Try to get used to comfortably responding without stumbling through your response. For this, you need to practice with colleagues - or again with friends and family who are willing to help you grow in your sales career.

5) Develop sales collaterals that address these objections.

When you write sales letters or have materials such as testimonials that address these common objections, you will gain credibility in the eyes of your prospect. They'll feel as if you have "walked in their shoes". You can "feel their pain", and they'll appreciate it - hopefully, by giving you the business.

6) Constantly rework the scripts and your sales collaterals as you obtain more feedback.

Like marketing, sales is about trying a strategy and then tweaking it to improve it on an ongoing basis. Don't just stick with the same old responses to the objections. Try out some different ones - you might find better ways to address objections. But be careful, don't be too much of a cowboy. Once you find something that works, stick with the essential components at least. Just tweak and test.

7) Keep all of your sales scripts and overcoming objections scripts in a three-ring binder.

This way, you'll have them ready to review before you meet a prospect who is likely to bring up the objection. We suggest using a three-ring binder to reinforce the fact that you must be making modifications and improving and replacing these scripts as you receive more feedback from your colleagues, prospects and customers.

8) Review these scripts with your fellow salespeople.

You want to gather as much feedback as possible as quickly as possible. You might have met with 20 people this week that gave you feedback, but maybe someone else in your office met with someone who brought up an objection that you'll hear tomorrow. You'll want to be prepared for it, so share as much as you can with one another.

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