Attention-Grabbing Sales Collaterals That Get Your Prospects To Call You

How to Write Sales Scripts, Letters, Emails and Other Sales Collaterals That Cuts Through the Clutter and Gets People to Pick Up the Phone and Call You

In this Sales Career Training Module, we focus on collaterals so that you learn how to:

1) Avoid writing letters and emails that end up in the trash or deleted from your prospects' inbox without even a second of consideration. Our research proves that poor sales letter writing - and sales materials generally - are the quickest way to lose credibility and thus lose the sale.

2) Craft sales scripts and sales letters like the pros - God gave you eyes, plagiarize! We'll show you the techniques that help build credibility, create desire and get the sale - all from actual letters that you can copy and modify to your own situation - quickly and easily.

3) Deliver your sales script over the phone so that you are more likely to by-pass the gatekeepers and keep the decision-makers' attention longer.

4) Focus on details such as headlines, particularly effective phrases, and post-scripts that significantly improve your selling success.

5) Overcome the doubts about what works and what doesn't quickly by testing and tracking results instead of blindly sending out materials like most failing sales people.

This online education module sponsored by the Sales Career Training Institute covers the basics of a wide variety of sales strategies, tactics and techniques.

To find out now about more advanced sales strategies for sales collaterals check out the newly revised version of the book, FEAR Selling: How You Can Sell More and Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospects’ Deep-Seated Emotional Needs.

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We will cover all of these sales collaterals topics in this module, including:

Writing Effective Sales Letters Overview

Focus On Emotions


Walking In Their Mocassins

How Long Should Your Sales Letter Be?

The Power of the Postscript

Your 30-Second Commercial Overview

Is Your 30-Second Commercial Written Correctly?

sales collaterals

Emotions Or Logic: Are You Wasting Your Time With The Wrong Positioning Approach In Your Sales Collaterals

Let me cut the chase - although people like to think of themselves as logical beings - they are more like emotional balls of energy.

If you're going to remember one thing from the Sales Career Training research, remember this: People tend more to buy from emotions than logic.

Think about it - you probably don't NEED most of the things you buy, but you do - or at least did at some point - WANT to buy them.

That's the key to breaking through the clutter. You must connect with your prospects emotionally as quickly as possible - either on the phone or in a letter or other sales collaterals.

You're basically selling them hope. It's your job to find out what their problems are, how you can give them the hope of getting out of those problems through buying your product or service. That's it - that's sales in a nutshell.

Of course, the devil is in the details and that's what our research has uncovered. But again, remember - focus on emotions in your sales collaterals - on your prospects' fears and hopes and you're more than half way there to the close.