Overcoming Sales Objections

Overcoming Sales Objections By Using Your Prospects’ Objections Against Them - As In The Martial Art of Jujitsu – So That You Use Their Own Force to Move Them Closer to Your Sale

In this Sales Career Training Module, we focus on overcoming sales objections by helping salespeople who are:

1) Struggling to find the right way to answer the constant stream of objections that they hear from their prospects day in and day out.

2) Searching for ways to keep the sales process going – even if their prospect makes a strong objection as to why they don’t want to buy now.

3) Looking for sales tactics that enable them to pre-empt objections that commonly occur in their particular selling situation.

4) Trying to use tactics that only create more and more objections rather than focusing on the initial objection to help build credibility and rapport with your prospect.

5) Looking for ways to avoid objections all together instead of welcoming them as a way to engage their clients and learn about their hopes and fears so that they can better position their product/service as EXACTLY what their prospect needs.

This online education module sponsored by the Sales Career Training Institute covers the basics of a wide variety of sales strategies, tactics and techniques, including overcoming sales objections.

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We will cover various topics regarding best practices in overcoming sales objections, including:

Sales Objections, Sales Objections Everywhere - An Overview

The Top 10 Sales Objections That You Might Hear

Asking Questions To Overcome Sales Objections

Preparing Yourself For Handling Sales Objections

The 8-Step Process for Preparing Against Sales Objections

Obstacles To Overcoming Sales Objections

The Psychology of Objections

Why Answering Unasked Questions Can Kill Your Sales

Are you constantly running into sales objections and don’t know how to use prospect resistance to help you sell more and sell faster?

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overcoming sales objections


One of the biggest complaints of sales managers is that their salesforces take too long to close deals. With greater competition, prospects need more time to send out requests for proposals, review all of their available choices, set up meetings to qualify vendors and then finally make a decision.

Waiting for prospects to call you back can be one of the most frustrating parts of the sales process. The way to avoid this is to find out more about the decision-makers, the decision-making process, and the possible objections that your prospects might have about your product or service as early as possible.

All too often, salespeople are afraid to bring up objections. They would rather try to avoid the hard questions as long as possible in the hopes that they can seal a deal without having to deal with those tough objections.

But is this a good long-term strategy?

First of all, those prospects who buy your product/service will undoubtedly want to back out later on, which, as many of you know, is usually even more frustrating than not winning the deal in the first place.

Secondly, using this strategy usually means that you are targeting people who don’t know how to buy well. They don’t know how to ask the right questions. And in our experience, such buyers don’t stay in decision-making positions for long because they make mistakes that cause their companies’ money – and quite simply, they’re fired.

So you must deal with objections, and throughout this section, we’ll explain to you not only the basic techniques that work but even some advanced techniques that will make you anxious to hear your prospects’ objections.
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