Outbound Prospecting Sales Technique:
Tactics That Work

Outbound Prospecting Sales Technique - How to Sift Through All Your Potential Prospects To Find The Ones Who Are Ready to Say Yes to Your Offer and What To Say In Order To Get them to Say Yes Faster

This Sales Career Training Module will help you:

1) avoid wasting time on cranking out cold calls to people who simply hang up on you or ask you to take them off your call list;

2) learn how to conduct quality research fast and painlessly so that you have a better targeted list to call from. Proper targeting – calling the right people – accounts for over 75% of ultimately closing the sale - and is the one outbound sales prospecting technique that is most often overlooked.

3) Understand more than the features and benefits of your product/service but rather understand the problems that your prospects want to solve and how to get them to overcome their fears of working with someone whom they hardly know – YOU;

4) sound smooth instead of stumble when you manage to get prospects on the phone so that you can increase your ability to retain their attention beyond the initial 10 seconds of the call. If you can engage them in a conversation, your chances of moving to the next stage in the sales process increase dramatically. Therefore, you must know the right questions to ask; and,

5) generate an exponentially growing list of referrals even if the person you call is not at all interested in what you have to sell. Referrals are the real deal when it comes to sales tactics that work but you have to know how to ask for them correctly.

FEAR Selling Now Available

It’s finally here – the second edition of FEAR Selling is now available.

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Through our partnership with The Sales Career Training Institute, we are able to offer this 294-page E-Book – which is the complete authorized version of the FEAR Selling week-long Sales Training Boot Camp – at an introductory price for a limited time only.

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Check out this list of every basic outbound prospecting sales technique that you need to know before moving on to the advanced tactics of FEAR Selling.

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Cold Calling, cold calling everywhere

Outbound Prospecting Sales Technique: Strategy Is King, So Don’t Be A Fool – Take Time To Think It Through

When it comes to having a successful selling strategy, our research has shown that following an effective sales prospecting system is the number one key to success. Over 60% of success in sales is attributable to proper prospecting strategies and habits. As you read this section, you will see that to become competent in sales prospecting, it take more than just expertise in any one outbound prospecting sales technique, sales lead generation, crafting sales scripts, mastering cold calling, refining phone sales techniques, honing listening skills, rapport-building, writing powerful sales letters and qualifying prospects effectively.

No doubt, all of these tactics are important – and we you will find the best-practices in each of these areas throughout this site, and in the FEAR Selling System, but you must also remember, that with prospecting…

Keeping yourself motivated also is vital.

But before we get to any outbound prospecting sales technique, motivation, overcoming call reluctance, time management, or even touch on any of the tactics listed above, let’s talk strategy.

Everyone Talks Strategy, But Few Walk the Walk

Strategy, tactics, techniques, tips….it’s important that we understand the difference – or at least you should understand that it all starts with strategy.

Here’s the best definition of sales strategy that we have found throughout our years of research.

Sales strategy is about:

1) finding the right people to talk to who are most likely to buy your product/service – this is the TARGETING aspect of strategy.

2) crafting a persuasive message to get their attention, build their interest in your product/service, create an emotional desire to purchase your product/service and then take action on buying your product/service – this is the POSITIONING aspect of strategy.

This online education module sponsored by the Sales Career Training Institute covers the basics of a wide variety of sales strategies, tactics and techniques.

To find out now about more advanced sales strategies for outbound prospecting sales technique check out the newly revised version of the book, FEAR Selling: How You Can Sell More and Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospects’ Deep-Seated Emotional Needs.