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So I spoke to Bill last summer, and he told me to wait a couple of months and that he’d give me a sneak peek at the best-kept secrets that he dug up through his research and experience in producing and vigorously testing virally explosive videos for his clients.

And soon after trying out his techniques myself, I bought copies of his YouTube MoneyMaking HandBook for each and every one of my clients.

So if you want to get massive publicity on YouTube – like some of my clients are, check out Bill’s newly released 314-page ebook, The YouTube MovieMaking HandBook.

I don’t know what you are promoting, but think about how this paradigm-shifting inside information will change your life – either by generating more cash, more phone calls, or just more attention – in other words, what every marketer is salivating for in this cluttered Internet marketplace.

Bill is a best-selling author, so I guarantee you – as you are sitting here reading this – someone who is competing with you for eyeballs is taking advantage of this information in order to spread their marketing message over the Internet virally.

As you read his book, you’ll begin to realize that you have a huge competitive advantage over more than 99% of the novice YouTubers out there.

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Killer Marketing and Production Techniques

Now, just so you know, Bill is crazy – he’s one of those guys that creates those silly 30-second spots online just for the helluv it.

He’s a veteran actor who also sang in the New York City Opera, so he’s not only an expert in movie production, but also gives tons of tips on the acting and music aspects of your video.

I guess when you write best-selling Dummies books, you don’t need the money. He’s practically giving The HandBook away for only $20. And, as many of my clients can attest to, any one of Bill’s tactics is worth way more than twenty bucks.

Just one of his simple tactics made a huge difference in a marketing campaign I launched for one of my corporate clients – and each page of his 314-page book is packed with tricks of the trade that you can put to use right away.

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Just How Crazy Is Bill Dyszel?

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I told Bill that he should be charging much more than $20 for the e-book. Think about it, I told him, if you increase someone’s exposure on YouTube by just 1000 people watching their video, that’s only two cents per person.

Do you know what it would cost to attract just one person to your video if you buy Google Pay-Per-Click AdWords? Try an average of $0.20 to $3.00 per person.

Of course, I was wrong, and Bill, the online marketing master, was right.

Now, I know why he gets the big bucks to speak at corporate conferences, because what I didn’t know is that he’s also getting a fast flow of $20 bills ever since he posted his press release about this book, and it shot to number one on Google News on the very first day of its release.

Why You Need To Jump On The YouTube Bandwagon Now

As you probably know, Google just bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, so now, even more people are starting to wake up and realize that it’s not just a fad.

Because the YouTube phenomenon is developing at lightning speed, Bill is offering the first edition of The YouTube Moviemaking Handbook as an e-book in advance of the publication of the printed version so that you can take advantage of its secrets right away. And it’s the only book currently available on the subject.

Once you start using his easy, step-by-step method, in the first year, you’ll be gaining exponential exposure of your videos for about a nickel a day.

If you can beat that return on investment with any other marketing method, let me know, and I’ll pay you to hear about it. You can contact me at

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1) Free E-Book Updates To Make Sure You’re On The Cutting Edge of Any New Techniques

For a limited time only – that is, until the print publication comes out - you’ll get free updates of the e-book version, including the final electronic book that becomes the physical book. That way you’ll have all the advantages of the printed book months in advance. (The printed book will be priced at around $47 as opposed to the $20 e-book version.)

2) Free Personal Consulting From Bill To Guarantee Video Production Success

Also (and with this you’ll really see that Bill is crazy), if you have questions about anything that’s in the book (or anything that’s not in the book but should be) just email him before the print version is released, and he’ll send you the answer if he can find it. It’s like having your own, private YouTube Answerman for a while.

7 Deadly Sins Exec  Report Cover

3) Free Powerful Pitching Techniques Applicable To Actors, Bands, Companies or Anyone Else Trying To Convince Someone To "Buy" Them

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I don't care if you're an actor or a band or a multi-national corporation. As I'm sure you know by now, the key is sales and marketing.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how creative you are, if you don't have business savvy, the competition will eat you alive.

Just look on YouTube and you'll see how all kinds of people and organizations have started producing their own commercials on the cheap.

When you combine these sales strategies with the knowledge packed into Bill's 314-page book, you're guaranteed to stomp the competition in your niche.

It’ll help you avoid the big mistakes that marketers make every day – and explains how you can hit your prospects’ emotional hot-buttons to maximize the impact of your promotions.

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