"Now, just like they say about New York,
if you can make it on the Web, you don't need to make it anywhere else."

Why Some Videos Seem To Succeed Effortlessly While Others
Fail Miserably

YouTube Production BookCover

I used to chalk up such successes to luck. But as Bill told me, “Luck is what you have to rely on after working as smart as you can.”

His short answer was that most people:

• Slap up poorly produced videos; and

• Don’t know how to take advantage of the viral opportunities of the Web.

Creating Mesmerizing Marketing Masterpieces

Well, okay, that sounded reasonable – but I wanted to know more – I wanted to know how I could produce mesmerizing videos that enticed viewers to share it with dozens of their friends so that they would pass it on to their friends and so on and so on and so on…

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Many of my marketing clients – including many large corporations – have found that they are being out-marketed by savvy online video producers who often create their videos for what it costs me to eat lunch every day.

And so I wanted in on the secrets that I knew Bill had collected and tested.

Finally, the information I’ve been waiting for…

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