“So You Want To Get Massive Publicity Through YouTube?”

YouTube Production BookCover

Well, whether you want to promote:

• Your product or service

• Your band

• Yourself as an actor

• Practically anything

Then, let me give you the advice I give my clients - please don’t waste time and money (like I originally did) with crappy video production.

You can produce a quality video very inexpensively - if you just know the right promotional and production tricks and techniques that could catapult you to stardom or sell massive amounts of your product or service.

Imagine what would happen if just one key person sees and likes your video – it might be your one shot at fame. So please don’t follow Nike’s advice for once…

Don’t just do it…DO IT RIGHT!

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Don’t Be Left Behind In The Online Video Revolution

My name is Paul Borgese, and I’m no online video guru, but I’m smart enough to know that I have to become one quickly if I don’t want to be left behind as the next Internet wave sweeps over us.

So as you read this, keep in mind that I was in your shoes only months ago – without any real knowledge regarding how to produce and market through online videos.

Also as an online marketer, my clients expect me to know this stuff.

So I spent the last couple of months scouring the Web and going to dozens of conferences run by organizations like the National Association of Broadcasters and Internet TV World to find the top experts in the area of online video.

And from everyone I talked to, Bill Dyszel is clearly the leader in the space.

Bill spent the last year and a half researching and writing the definitive guide on how to exploit YouTube and other online video-sharing sites to promote yourself.

Outlook For Dummies 2007

Bill is the author of 18 books, including the best-selling Outlook for Dummies and Treo for Dummies.

When I tracked Bill down, I asked him why some videos seem to float effortlessly to the top of the YouTube rankings while others stagnate in the swamp of the millions of rarely viewed videos on that huge site.

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