Praise for the Third Edition of

FEAR Selling 3D Cover January 2009

“In my experience, there is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to sales training. But The FEAR Selling System is the closest thing I’ve found to one in my more than 26 years of selling. We invite Paul Borgese to speak at every one of our conferences.”

- Paul Morin, Founder and President, National Association of Small Business Owners

"When I first heard about FEAR Selling, I was skeptical about the ethics of such strategies. But as I read it, I realized that not only can such emotion-based selling be extremely effective, but it can also be used to help your clients to make more rational buying decisions - which will then help you build trust and thus create profitable, long-term relationships with them."

- Janet Williams, Flashpoint Graphic Design, San Diego, CA

“It becomes obvious when you start using The FEAR Selling System that you guys really did your research. I was skeptical when I first heard about the results others were achieving. But then I decided to give it a try after finding out that one of our competitors was stealing contracts away from us by using FEAR Selling strategies. Your system helped us win lots of business and made all the difference in the last couple of years of my career. I wish I had found you earlier. Thanks.”

- Barry Goldstein, Sales Manager, IBM Business Solutions (retired)

"I had tremendous success with the System right from the beginning. It got straight to the point and told me exactly what to do, what to say and how to say it in order to close the deals. I’m a small business owner, and my company’s sales increased slowly but steadily as I started implementing each of the FEAR Selling strategies and the corresponding tactics in the program. It's well worth the investment."

- Richard Lockhern, E-Venture Marketing, Chicago, IL

“If you need to find more buyers and get them to buy faster, just follow The FEAR Selling System. It increased our sales by over 29% in the first year that we used it – and that was during the recession in 2002. And we're finding it's working even in today's economic crisis.”

- Adrian Pollock, Executive V.P., Sales and Marketing, TLC Group, Old Saybrook, CT

“Before my success with FEAR Selling, I tried to get my sales team to use four other sales systems. None of them worked. Only FEAR Selling put together all the pieces. It gave us the best practices that saved us lots of time, money and effort. It taught us the proven techniques, field-tested behaviors and motivational strategies that are priceless when you find yourself trapped selling any product in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Turnover in my department is way down, and we’re beating our own sales records quarter after quarter.”

- Mark Walters, Exec. VP, Sales, Highland Financial Group , New York, NY

“When I first started out in sales, a friend of mine told me about The FEAR Selling System. I don’t know about other sales training systems because I’ve never had to waste my time reading anything else. I've used the System to sell everything from cars to office equipment to tombstones. FEAR Selling works.”

- Mike Bertoline, Sales Manager, Canon Business Solutions, Philadelphia, PA

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