Do You Have Sand In Your Vagina?

We apologize that you have been sent to this page. But before you go on, please watch this short video - and then let us explain...

If you were directed here, we would wager that – more likely than not – you’ve recently been

- negative

- annoying

- just plain stupid

- or some combination thereof

in which case, the person you were speaking to kindly requested that you direct your attention here.

And hey, if you've got a problem with the saying, don't blame us.

Keep in mind that it has been uttered by the poet of the people, the purveyor of grand principles, the philosopher of our generation...

Yes, of course, Eric Theodore Cartman, that fat kid from South Park.

So in closing, it seems to us from your recent attitude, behavior or belief system that you may indeed have some type of sedimentary irritant in your vulval vicinity.

If this is not the case, please accept our apologies and click on the following link: