Beyond His Work In M&A ( with the assistance of Robert Borghese ), Paul Borgese Has Written Extensively On Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies

Although his first major best-seller focused on M&A (written with some assistance from Robert Borghese), Paul Borgese is best known for his ground-breaking studies with The Sales Career Training Institute.

Following is a list of Paul's books:

FEAR Selling: How You Can Sell More and Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospects' Deep-Seated Emotional Needs

FEAR Selling For Financial Advisors

The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling

FEAR Marketing Online

M&A From Planning To Integration (McGraw-Hill, 2003 - written with assistance from Robert Borghese)

What Is FEAR Marketing?

If you are a marketer or salesperson, and you don't know, you might want to find out...

Proven Systems + Emotional Triggers = Increased Sales

Our extensive marketing effectiveness research and diverse client experience reveal that there are two key strategic issues that you must focus on if you want to achieve success in sales and marketing:

TARGETING - finding and reaching the maximum number of qualified prospects at the lowest possible cost - in part by leveraging proven high-tech marketing systems that enable you to measure and manipulate every aspect of your online marketing campaigns in seconds at the click of a button; and,

POSITIONING - persuading the maximum number of your prospects to buy from you by using high-touch sales techniques that tap into the most powerful motivating emotions - FEAR and HOPE.

Check out the recently released second edition of FEAR Selling: How To Sell More And Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospects' Deep-Seated Emotional Needs.

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