Interview Questions
for Paul Borgese on FEAR Selling

1) How is FEAR Selling different from all the other sales books out there?

2) Why did you write this book?

3) Can anybody use this book?

4) What are some of the top frustrations that salespeople are running into today?

5) What are most salespeople doing wrong?

6) From your research, what are the top reasons that prospective buyers are revealing about why they don't buy from some salespeople?

7) What does the FEAR acronym stand for?

8) Some studies in the past say that fear is not the way to motivate people. Tell us about how fear and hope work together to increase sales?

9) How should salespeople handle cold calls?

10) How should salespeople handle objections?

11) What are the most effective sales closing techniques?

12) I understand you have a new book coming out called FEAR Marketing. What's that book about?