About Paul Borgese

Paul Borgese is an international speaker, consultant and best-selling author on topics including leadership, sales, marketing and global business strategy. He has consulted on selling and digital marketing for more than 14 years.

Paul helps entrepreneurs, emerging-growth companies and global organizations overcome two major challenges that they are facing during this drastic economic downturn: (1) Sales Strategy and (2) Digital Marketing Strategy.

FEAR Selling 3D Cover January 2009

(1) Sales Strategy:
Many individuals and organizations are struggling to find effective strategies to help them sell more and sell faster.

Paul trains salesforces of all sizes on The FEAR Selling System, which is a rigorously field-tested set of selling strategies, tactics and techniques used constantly by a wide array of persuaders, including: top salespeople, global advertisers, attention-grabbing news media and winning politicians.

This step-by-step system has been proven to motivate target audiences to take desired actions quickly.

Paul's book, FEAR Selling: How You Can Sell More and Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospects' Deep-Seated Emotional Needs, has recently been published in its third edition.

Aggregating EyeBalls Cover 2009

(2) Digital Marketing Strategy: As business moves online, everyone is desperately trying to figure out how to generate more clicks, more customers and more cash as quickly as possible by implementing more effective digital marketing strategies.

His comprehensive new book on how to succeed in today's hyper-competitive digital environment is titled, Aggregating Eyeballs: How to Attract, Engage and Monetize Audiences Online (2nd edition).

The book reveals how to:

(a) pull in massive amounts of qualified visitors to your site at the lowest cost possible;

(b) quickly create and effectively present compelling content and sticky functionality to avoid losing your visitors to competitors who are only one click away; and

(c) set up multiple revenue streams to build a sustainable Web business.

Paul serves as a managing partner at EyeCatcher Interactive, a digital strategy and marketing firm that offers a wide array of services, including: Web design and development; social marketing; search engine marketing; media buying and planning; digital content and monetization solutions; online community-building; video production and platforms; and integrated sales and marketing training.

He has worked on marketing and business development initiatives with a wide range of organizations, including: Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, McKinsey & Company, IBM, The Wall Street Journal Online, eMusic, The Paris Chamber of Commerce, and the Federal Reserve System.

Recently, his main focus has been leading the Emerging Markets Group of The Associated Press Digital Division. The AP is the world’s largest news organization, serving as a source of breaking news, financial data, and entertainment stories, photos, graphics, audio and video for thousands of daily newspaper, magazine, radio, television, online and wireless customers.

Paul manages relationships with online video sites (Google’s YouTube), social networks (Facebook, MySpace), mobile applications (Verizon, AT&T), interactive TV (Comcast, TimeWarner), Spanish-language sites (MSN Latino, Yahoo! Telemundo), digital signage, Web 2.0 and online advertising initiatives.

He teaches various marketing and global business courses at The Wharton School; Baruch College, City University of New York; and New York University.

Paul has five degrees, including: an MBA in marketing and finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business; a Master's in Literature from Trinity College, Cambridge University where the British government awarded him the prestigious Marshall Scholarship; a Master's in Public Administration at The Fels Center of Government, University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Fels Scholar; a BA in English from the University of Pennsylvania; and a BS in finance from The Wharton School of Business.

While living in Europe, Paul was awarded a Cambridge Scholarship to study Spanish language and culture at the University of Salamanca, one of the oldest universities in the world. Paul is fluent in Spanish.

Paul also is the author of the corporate strategy best-seller M&A From Planning To Integration (McGraw-Hill, New York 2003; Beijing, China, 2006).

His books have been featured on CNN, CNBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and a wide range of other global media outlets.

He currently is working on his forthcoming book, Serialpreneurship: The Secrets of Repeatable Business Success, for which he is interviewing top entrepreneurs to distill the philosophies and strategies that have catapulted them to success. The book is designed to help those who are looking to escape the corporate rat-race or actually need to start their own business because they've recently lost their jobs and can't find another one.

He also is a children’s author/singer/songwriter, having produced three children’s books, including When Fish Go Peopling, and a Parents’ Choice Award-Winning CD, Even the Monkeys Fall Out of the Trees, which you can check out at www.PaulBorgese.com.

To contact Paul, please email him at paul@FEARSelling.com.