In addition to our consulting work, the FEAR Marketing Group also conducts a significant amount of research on sales and marketing effectiveness.

Following are some of the publications authored by our consultants:

'FEAR Selling Cover'

FEAR Selling: How You Can Sell More And Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospects’ Deep-Seated Emotional Needs

Typically, before we worked with them, our clients were selling and marketing based on traditional features and benefits. If you’re still using these outdated tactics, you are in trouble.

Recent studies by the Sales Career Training Institute and the Performance Marketing Institute have broken new ground when it comes to sales and marketing effectiveness strategies. Studies conducted by these not-for-profit Institutes have led to the development of the FEAR Selling System. One of the key findings of both of these Institutes is that today’s marketers are using hopelessly outdated selling strategies. Benefit selling (or what we call HOPE Selling) is only one half of the powerful Persuasion Equation.

To get people out of their Comfort Zones and take action by buying your product/service, you must focus not only on the positive consequences of buying but also on the negative consequences of not buying your product/service.

Many of our clients sell complex products/services which require long sales cycles and therefore demand superior relationship-building sales skills. FEAR Selling shows how to overcome these challenges by finding and focusing on your prospects’ personal pains and fears as well as their hopes and dreams. By using both carrot AND stick persuasion techniques, you will easily multiply your persuasion effectiveness exponentially.

So we have organized these persuasion techniques into an easy-to-use, step-by-step system that we share with our clients during our training seminars. Now, due to high demand, we have condensed the content of our 5-day FEAR Selling Boot Camp into the FEAR Selling System, which is available in book form.

It covers everything you need to know to sell more and sell faster. Find out how to: cold call with confidence, position yourself effectively through your 30-Second Commercial, get your prospects curious enough to invite you in to sell them more, bond quickly through proven trust-building techniques, ask the right questions at the right times to the right people, and present through powerful strategies that get your prospects to buy now.

Second Edition Available Now

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'FEAR Selling For FAs Cover'

FEAR Selling For Financial Advisors

Top financial advisors earn big bucks and so have the luxury of hiring staff and investing in sales and marketing systems that keep them winning clients with little effort. But you know if you are starting up as a financial advisor that the going can be rough at first. Recent turnover statistics show that up to 68% of new financial advisors fail within their first year. Why do they fail?

Well, whether you are working for a large financial institution or if you are an independent advisor, you basically are running your own small business. You have to brand yourself, market yourself, and sell yourself. Unfortunately, many financial advisors whom we train don’t understand that they are in business for themselves. They have little formal sales training and limited marketing knowledge. They don’t know how to set up their own sales and marketing systems – but that’s exactly what they have to do if they want to survive in today’s cut-throat financial services arena.

This version of FEAR Selling includes all the information from the original 5-Day Boot Camp plus newly developed strategies, tactics and techniques specially designed for Financial Advisors.

FEAR Selling For Financial Advisors covers everything you need to know to be a top producer. Keep a steady stream of prospects calling you. Find out how to: target wealthy investor segments, set up a highly leveragable referral system, cold call with confidence, position yourself effectively through your 30-Second Commercial, get your prospects curious enough to invite you in to sell them more, bond quickly through proven trust-building techniques, ask the right questions at the right times to the right people, and tailor your offerings to your prospects so that they buy now.

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'Outlook For Dummies'

Outlook For Dummies

By Bill Dyszel

* Covers everything the reader needs to know to organize e-mail, schedules, and other necessary information as conveniently and quickly as possible.

* Includes information on sending and saving e-mail messages; managing e-mail with folder and filtering options; storing and viewing contacts and distribution lists; scheduling appointments; creating to-do lists with Outlook's built-in task feature; using electronic sticky notes; journaling day-to-day activities; and much more.

* Outlook is the email client of choice for Office users, especially in business settings.

* Microsoft Office has over 120 million users worldwide and currently dominates the market share for productivity suites.

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'Palm For Dummies'

Palm For Dummies

By Bill Dyszel

If you need to know when you’re on the go but you don’t where to start, a Palm organizer seems like your best option. But after you buy one, how do you use it for maximum results?

Let Palm For Dummies be your guide to going beyond the basics with your Palm organizer. From the Palm III to the Palm VII, find out about choosing your organizer, choosing applications to run on it, and choosing accessories. Master the built-in organizer functions and discover all the Palm organizer’s timesaving shortcuts and options. Find out the simplest ways to use your pilot on its most basic level (from writing memos to yourself to filling in your contact list and setting your schedule). Determine the easiest way to move data back and forth from your organizer to your desktop, and discover the wide worlds of Beaming, HotSyncing, and Palm Mailing.

This book is your one-stop guide to getting your Palm organizer up and running.

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marketing book

The Financial Services Marketing Handbook: Tactics and Techniques That Produce Results

By Evelyn Ehrlich, Ph.D. and Duke Fanelli

Everyone in the financial industry can benefit from The Financial Services Marketing Handbook (Bloomberg Press, 2004), from senior corporate management to independent financial advisors. Case studies illuminate both the innovations practiced by industry leaders—companies like Merrill Lynch, American Express, and Citibank—and perhaps more tellingly, marketing initiatives that failed.

These up-to-the-minute case studies are integrated into a review of the keystones of marketing strategy: segmentation, positioning, situational analysis, and tactical planning. There are chapters on each of the specific tools of the marketer—from personal selling and sponsorships to the Internet and CRM.

The 21st Century has already seen a major stock market collapse, unrolling scandals involving commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds and mutual funds, and industry-shaking changes in the regulatory environment. The Financial Services Marketing Handbook gives financial marketers and sales professionals the tools they need to survive—and thrive.

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'FEAR Marketing Cover'

FEAR Marketing: Proven Systems and Emotional Triggers Guaranteed To Help You Sell More and Sell Faster

We live in a new age of marketing accountability. There is no longer any excuse for marketers and small business owners to throw money away on marketing tactics without knowing their true return on investment (ROI). In fact, it’s stupid to do so. Indeed, if today's marketers do not adopt the new marketing technologies, they will quickly find themselves squeezed out of the game - either out of a job or out of business altogether.

FEAR Marketing was designed to help marketing executives and small business owners:

cut through the clutter of today’s increasingly crowded marketplace;

• develop customized marketing systems that ensure significant long-term ROI on every tactical investment in your overall marketing budget; and

• combine the emotional selling strategies first introduced in FEAR Selling with the marketing systems-thinking necessary to guarantee high returns on your marketing investments.

Second Edition, Available June 2005

Note: This second edition of FEAR Marketing does address the new online marketing technologies that many corporations and small businesses are now using to capture new clients at the lowest cost possible, but for a more comprehensive coverage of interactive, performance-based strategies, check out FEAR Marketing Online.

'FEAR Marketing Online Cover'

FEAR Marketing Online: How To Leverage The New Performance-Marketing Technologies Proven To Help You Sell More and Sell Faster

The first edition of FEAR Marketing introduced us to the power of combining emotional selling with proven marketing systems. But nowadays, positioning your products/services more effectively and applying offline systems-thinking to your marketing is not enough. You also must tap into the powerful new online communication technologies that are available to target and generate qualified leads at the lowest possible cost.

By complementing effective high-tech prospecting tactics with high-touch face-to-face sales strategies, FEAR Marketing Online shows you how to generate qualified, low-cost leads, create prospect interest, build trust, and close deals in order to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

With the recent success of companies such as Google, Yahoo and E-Bay, marketers are waking up to the fact that the Internet is here to stay. But recent research by the Performance Marketing Institute shows that too many marketers and business owners do not realize that these hyper-growth Internet companies are basically marketing services companies that can help you catapult your own business to success. The Internet is not a business model in and of itself like the 1999 bubble-investors hoped it was. Rather it is a highly leveragable marketing tool that you must incorporate into your integrated marketing strategies if you want to survive today.

With the rise of new marketing technologies such as pay-per-click advertising, affiliate programs and viral marketing, even small businesses can compete with their multinational corporate rivals if they know the new strategies and tactics which are necessary if you want to fight and win on today’s ruthless ROI-driven marketing battlefield.

Available June 2005

'FEAR Leadership Cover'

FEAR Leadership: How To Lead By Tapping Into Powerful Emotions To Motivate Your Organization From Fear to Hope

In FEAR Leadership, the creators of FEAR Selling and FEAR Marketing show you how to use powerful persuasion techniques to motivate people to get things done.

The leadership master, Nicollo Machiavelli, wrote in his world-famous leadership manual, The Prince: “Since it is difficult to join them together, it is safer to be feared than to be loved.” Machiavelli was right – it is difficult to be feared and loved at the same time by your followers, yet unfortunately, to lead today, you must sometimes tempt with the carrot as well as threaten with the stick. As many of today’s corporate leaders admit, you must create enemies in the minds of your employees so as to motivate them to compete and win. You must focus on consequences and award performance accordingly.

In addition to showing you how to lead, this book also will show you how not to lead. This version of FEAR Leadership also includes excerpts from the previously published book, The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership.

Available August 2005

Marketing Book

M&A From Planning To Integration

By Paul Borgese and Robert Borgese

Mergers and acquisitions are designed to build market leadership and create long-term value - ­­in theory, anyway. M&A from Planning to Integration provides complete guidelines for ensuring these optimistic theories become reality, and outlines a systematic plan for developing, implementing, and monitoring a successful M&A deal. Examples from companies including Cisco Systems, GE, Microsoft, and others reveal M&A strategies that have worked in the real world, illustrate the book's concepts in action, and help you apply those concepts and strategies to your own company.

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