FEAR Marketing Defined

A proven set of marketing strategies and tactics used to motivate target audiences to take massive action quickly.

Desired outcomes are achieved quickly through persuasive techniques that tap into powerful emotions.

The objective is to focus attention on the painful consequences of inaction contrasted with the hope of a desired future.

These marketing techniques are best used when credible threats are combined with uncertainty and doubt.

Some of the most successful uses of FEAR Marketing strategies and tactics were conducted by IBM Corporation and then Microsoft by shrouding the new computer hardware and software technologies in mystery and positioning themselves as the authoritative high-priests, guarding the secrets of these new technologies.

See F.U.D. - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

FEAR Marketing is extensively used by a wide array of persuaders, including: advertisers, news media, politicians, and terrorists.

Note: If you're not convinced of the effectiveness of FEAR Marketing, contact us and we'll tell you about a little organization called Al Qaeda.

We can share some case-studies on how these poster-boys of FEAR Marketing changed the world forever with minimal effort by leveraging the undeniable power of fear.

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