What Is FEAR Marketing?

If you are a marketer or salesperson, and you don't know, you might want to find out...

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Proven Systems + Emotional Triggers = Increased Sales

Our extensive marketing effectiveness research and diverse client experience reveal that there are two key strategic issues that you must focus on if you want to achieve success in sales and marketing:

TARGETING - finding and reaching the maximum number of qualified prospects at the lowest possible cost - in part by leveraging proven high-tech marketing systems that enable you to measure and manipulate every aspect of your online marketing campaigns in seconds at the click of a button; and,

POSITIONING - persuading the maximum number of your prospects to buy from you by using high-touch sales techniques that tap into the most powerful motivating emotions - FEAR and HOPE.

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TARGETING: Finding and Reaching Qualified Prospects at the
Lowest Possible Cost

We live in a new age of marketing accountability.

There is no longer any excuse for marketers and small business owners to throw money away on marketing tactics without knowing their true return on investment (ROI).

It was okay back in the day for John Wanamaker, the U.S. retail store entrepreneur, to say: "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Now, if I only knew which half."

But that attitude just won't cut it in today's world of razor-thin margins and international competition.

Make no mistake - right now, as you read this, your competitors are experimenting with new online marketing technologies that give them the power to measure - and therefore, truly manage all aspects of their campaigns.

If you don't believe it, just check out the latest news on Google stock. It's going through the roof because marketers in all fields are beginning to exploit the incredibly effective targeting and positioning capabilities of Google's online advertising model.

Indeed, if today's marketers do not adopt the new marketing technologies, they will quickly find themselves squeezed out of the game - either out of a job or out of business altogether.

By complementing effective high-tech prospecting tactics with high-touch face-to-face sales strategies, we show our clients how to generate qualified, low-cost leads, create prospect interest, build trust, uncover specific prospect needs and close deals in order to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

At the height of the first Internet craze in the late 1990s, the hype was all about one-to-one marketing online. But as Arthur C. Clarke once noted insightfully: “New technologies are often overestimated in the short run yet underestimated in the long run.” Initially, this was the case with the Internet as a marketing medium. Back then, the hype was greater than the reality.

But now with the massive success of online companies such as Google, Yahoo and E-Bay, it's obvious that the Internet is here to stay.

What we have found is that too many marketers and business owners do not realize that these hyper-growth Internet companies are basically marketing services companies that can help you catapult your own business to success.

With the rise of new marketing technologies such as pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing and viral marketing, even small businesses can compete with their multinational corporate rivals if they know the new strategies and tactics which are necessary if you want to fight and win on today’s ruthless ROI-driven marketing battlefield.

POSITIONING: Persuading Through The Powerful Emotional Motivators of FEAR and HOPE

Typically, before we worked with them, our clients were selling and marketing based on traditional features and benefits.

Most companies still do.

But if you’re still using these outdated tactics, you are in trouble.

Unfortunately, a great majority of today’s business schools, sales training companies and marketing consulting firms are stuck in this old paradigm of sales and marketing because it’s easy and comfortable to do so.

Recent studies by the Sales Career Training Institute and the Performance Marketing Institute have broken new ground when it comes to sales and marketing effectiveness strategies. Studies conducted by these not-for-profit Institutes have led to the development of the FEAR Selling System and FEAR Marketing Systems.

One of the key findings of both of these Institutes is that today’s marketers are using hopelessly outdated selling strategies.

Benefit selling (or what we call HOPE Selling) is only one half of the powerful persuasion equation.

But to get people out of their Comfort Zones and take action by buying your product/service, you must focus not only on the positive consequences of buying but also on the negative consequences of not buying your product/service.

Many of our clients sell complex products/services which require long sales cycles and therefore demand superior relationship-building sales skills. We show our clients how to overcome these challenges by finding and focusing on their prospects’ personal pains and fears as well as their hopes and dreams.

By using both carrot AND stick persuasion techniques, you will easily multiply your persuasion effectiveness exponentially.

So we have organized these persuasion techniques into thoroughly tested, easy-to-use, step-by-step systems that we share with our clients through our books, speeches, training seminars and consulting engagements.

Systemitize Your Efforts For Maximum Marketing
and Sales Leverage

Through our trademarked FEAR Selling and FEAR Marketing Systems, we help executives and small business owners:

• confront the challenges of the increasingly cluttered marketplace and the demands of the new age of marketing accountability;

• develop customized sales and marketing systems that ensure significant long-term ROI on every tactical investment in their overall marketing budgets; and

• execute integrated marketing plans that leverage new online and offline techniques, including pay-per-click marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing programs, and viral marketing.

Various Ways We Work With Our Clients to Make Sure
We Get The Job Done

We directly consult to, train and/or introduce our clients to appropriate affiliates who have expertise on a wide array of corporate growth, sales and marketing issues.

Our main objective is to help our clients achieve superior growth at the lowest possible cost.

We do not claim to have all the answers for any given situation but are confident that we know how to ask the right questions, find the right experts for any given situation and put in place systems that allow our clients to test before they invest.

Our focus, therefore, is on strategies that are easily measurable through today's interactive technologies so that we can assure long-term ROI on all sales and marketing investments.

We strive to solve the problems of those who share John Wanamaker's frustration over wasted marketing budgets and efforts.

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Affiliated With Proven Experts

We do not pretend to be experts in all of today's marketing technologies, and so, in order to keep up with the constantly changing world of marketing, we align ourselves with experts and proven service providers in each key emerging marketing technology.

In our ongoing search for better systems, we constantly are seeking out and conducting due diligence on new partners so that we are confident that they can ensure measurable ROI results.

Furthermore, we have no tolerance for arrogance. We only choose to affiliate with marketing service companies that share our philosophy of testing before investing in any marketing campaign since no solution is guaranteed to succeed for every client.

If you are interested in finding out more about the FEAR Marketing Group and our affiliated marketing services companies, contact Paul Borgese at 201.533.9282 or via email at paul@FEARMarketing.com.

For a select list of some of our current affiliate partners who might be able to help you with a host of online marketing issues, including: increasing site traffic, maximizing customer conversion rates and search engine optimized Web development, check out www.PaulSuggests.com.

Proven Systems + Emotional Triggers = Increased Sales

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